Ask the Exorcist: “Are demons fallen angels?”

Ann from Tennessee asks: “Are you able to see demons and angels in the spirit realm? Are evil spirits  dead giants? Please distinguish between demons, evil spirits, fallen angels, and Nephilim. Do you think the blood/DNA of the dead giants has been passed on to existing human beings today? Did fallen angels actually physically mate with women to produce the race of giants? Do you think that God created other beings besides Adam and Eve that were not birthed from Adam and Eve?”

The supernatural realm is a topic of much speculation, particularly with regards to the origin of evil spirits and their activity among human. Who were the Nephilim? Did the giants of the Bible pass on DNA to humans today? Did fallen angels mate with humans? Are there beings not birthed by Adam and Eve?

Bob Larson, The REAL Exorcist, answers your questions regarding demons and exorcism.

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