Ask the Exorcist: “Can a man of God cast out demons if he, himself, has demons?”

Ruvimbo from London, England asks: “My question is, can a man of God, for instance a Pastor, be able to cast demons out of other people, whilst he himself is a victim of demonic oppression (he himself is demonized)?”

Bob: Demons may cleverly hide, even in Christian leaders who have unbroken  ancestral curses or demonic open doors because of past occult sins. Romans 11:29 teaches that the spiritual gifts of God are never withdrawn; consequently, even a Pastor may have demons inhabiting the soul and yet still do great things for God. It’s not a good thing, but it is possible when the soul is not thoroughly cleansed and sanctified.

Bob Larson, The REAL Exorcist, answers your questions regarding demons and exorcism.

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