Ask the Exorcist: “How do I choose between my Chinese Buddhist belief and Jesus?”

Angela from New York, NY asks: “I came from a Mahayana Chinese Buddhist family. We worshipped bodhisattvas and heavenly gods from Taoist beliefs. We believe in karma. I’ve seen demons cast out by Chinese Buddhist monks. I am torn between Jesus and my cultural belief. Is my cultural religion invented  by Satan, and if so, why has it improved the lives of others?”

Bob: The real choice between Buddhism and Christianity is the choice between a noble dead man and the resurrected son of God. Karma and reincarnation are the two main differences of these religions. In Christianity there is grace and forgiveness, with no need to come back to get it right a second time. Demons cast out in the name of Jesus go out and stay out, but demons expelled in any other process are pretending to leave or going and coming right back.

Bob Larson, The REAL Exorcist, answers your questions regarding demons and exorcism.

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