Ask the Exorcist: “If I suspect I was sexually abused, how can I know for sure?”

Lisa from Tallahassee, FL asks: “I have the notion that I might have been sexually abused by my own mother (because of very odd, but very real, fleeting memories). I also sense that if my mother did unsavory things to me, she was simply passing on ritualistic behavior that she  was taught. How would I ever know?”

Bob: Memories are capricious and often merge with other events of the past. Don’t draw absolute conclusions from old memories, but also don’t completely discount them. There is a wide divergence of opinion in the psychological community about the veracity of recovered memories. Deliverance can determine the presence of demons from any abuse and extract the truth from them. That is the best chance to get at the truth. Give the memories time to develop and then seek guidance from a professional counselor and/or a qualified deliverance minister.

Bob Larson, The REAL Exorcist, answers your questions regarding demons and exorcism.

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